Welcome to the “YOUR WORDS CHANGE LIVES” zone:

Your business is unique.
Your communication should be unique.

Yet most of the time it isn’t it, right?

You feel invisible.
You don’t sell enough.
You are afraid to “go out” because you might fail or people might judge you. You feel there are more beautiful and passionate words inside of you than these on your present website, offers, FB posts, business card, emails etc.

My dear, so many businesses are invisible not because their product or service suck! No, no, no! Because of the cliche, predictable, salesy, artifical, robotic words they use, because this is “how it is supposed to be done in marketing”, right?
Wrong, oh so wrong my dear.

H2M’s mission: to help you “divorce” those “invisible=robotic=avarage” words from your marketing communication and give you permission to BE YOU, OPENLY, write those words that are like an live vulcano trying to get out!

I will give you courage & tips and tricks to write Heart2Heart and moneymaking words, which don’t just sell products but move people. 

How does this sound? Hell yes? AMEN!

I’m glad you are here. Let’s work my dear!

I believe words change lives.

 I believe marcareting works only when you CARE.
About yourself. And others.

I believe there is no one more perfect than YOU to build
or re-design your personal brand.

No one on this planet can write your marcareting material
better than you. And I can teach you how!

I believe brand communication should f* move from B2C and B2B
to H2H (human2human or heart2heart). Amen!

I believe that the most effective marketing communication is
when you act like there is a human on each side.

Listen, I truly believe you and I (and so many other womanpreneurs) are here to change the world, but without you telling the world about yourself and your offer, you can not get attention, you can not sell and you can not make other people’s lives better.
Not to mention making your life an amazing one too.

Let’s be honest: You are damn good at what you do,
how can you also be damn good at marketing or copywriting if no one taught you. Right?

Now you need someone to give you tops&tricks how to write Heart2Heart and moneymaking words, right?
TA DAAAA! Here I am! 

My dear,
my name is Lenja Faraguna.

I am your host, teacher, pep-talker, ass-kicker, mirror, compass and fellow human. I will nakedly give you the PRINT OUT of my marketing brain and heart, ALL I have learned about what worked and what didn’t work in my marketing communication.

You are gifting this world with your unique (personal) brand but sometimes, you don’t know how to tell the world about yourself. Yes? 

Trust me, I know. I was just like you! 

Deep down I knew magic was inside me, all my knowledge, experience, talent, values, but I felt my story didn’t matter and I didn’t know how to talk or write about it! 

This is why I created this WRITING WORKSHOP FOR WOMEN WORLDCHANGERS because I now KNOW where I was sabotaging myself and HOW I helped myself overcome it and now I want to show it to you.

The H2M will will dive into my experience of 12 years in being in marketing and advertising, writing texts which have literally saved lives AND I will teach you to write Heart2Heart and MONEYMAKING words which change lives. 

JOIN ONLY if you are PROUD of what you have to offer to the world! You are? Damn happy you are here, ready to give yourself the gift to BE VISIBLE, writing NEW WORDS and creating NEW BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES FOR YOURSELF!

Shine on you Crazy Diamond.

What do you get?

I will give you the print screen of my heart and brain:

 2 workshops (over 5 hours of theory and practical examples): my theory about new, modern marketing=marCAREting & my tips and trick of writing Heart2Money words, which don’ just sell products or services but MOVE PEOPLE

soooooo many case studies, examples of advertisements, posts, emails etc., where you get inspired and motivated to create your own right away and go into action to make money

templates how to write emails, how to write proposals, offers, websites… so you never again sit infant of a blank screen and curse your day

3 techniques you can use when ever you feel uninspired, “brain frozen” but you have to write a text NOW!

access a private FB group of classmates, where I and my team support your, kick your ass, celebrate your fails and wins with you! 🙂

This class proves to you “YOU CAN WRITE”!
Easier, quicker, wthout stress – even more so, with love and amazing energy of gratitude that people will finally get to MEET THE REAL YOU – Human2Human. Heart2Heart

By using my writing tips & tricks, you will write words that get attention, keep attention and make people feel or do what you want them to feel or do. AMEN.

I decided to join Lenja’s program because she shocked me with her statement: “Nobody is born a writer, you learn to write by a lot of practice!”. Before I met her, I lived in the belief that being a writer is s gift, a talent. And if you want to do marketing well, you have to write. Wow, now you know what a big positive change this was in my life – the prospect of saying: “I CAN WRITE and SELL VIA WRITING”!

Look at me now. When I first met Lenja I had nothing. Now I opened my business FB page, got to 900 members, I’m writing a book, doing workshops.

Now I am also teaching my 9 year old son how to write. He learned the most important thing – first he has to address the readers and only then write about himself.

What I liked most in Lenja’s program was the LIVE virtual group writing workshops and Lenja’s specific feedback of our texts – what to do and what not to do. Besides new knowledge how to write, I got a lot of self-confidence, lost fear of talking to unknown people, I communicate much more with ease and I am not afraid to be who I am online.

Ksenija Vitelić |  personal development coach who helps woman return to their real skin of happiness, peace, loving themselves.
FB – Motivacija i homeopatija by Ksenija Vitelić

The results for you, my dear, after the course:
– you will LOVE writing again or for the first time, because I will give you the tips, tricks, techniques, templates you can follow for what ever marketing material you need to write (all you ned to do is always have it near you and exercise, exercise, exercise!)

– writing will be easy(er), quick(er), without the “creativity blocks” which suck the life out of you and make you want to vomit, because nothing comes out of you. Nothing.

– when the creativity blocks arrive, and they will, trust me dear, I will give you 4 technique to overcome it and write like you are having sex with that pen or keyboard (grrrr!)

– you never really liked writing? They told you you suck at it? Essays were pain in the a**? Trust me dear, YOU ARE A WRITER not matter what limiting beliefs they put into your beautiful brain over the years. If you are a human and can talk, if you have an opinion about life, if you have somethign to say

– Oh, yes, I believe creativity/writing is not a divine gift given to a few but it turns into divine perfection when you exercise, exercise, exercise

– You will be able to structure a text in your sleep because my system is blonde-easy. I explain it plain and simple and I give you millions of tons of real-life examples of bad and amazing written texts (from FB posts, offers, donation requests, flyers, newsletters, you name it, I have it…),

– I have created this class, where I give you a print-out of my brain and heart, because I believe that you are the only person on the planet who can write about your brand most authentically and persuasively.

– All you need are my technique and structures of the text (so you know how to start, how to develope the text and how to end to be seen, heard and to sell).

– Words do change lives and I will show you how my words changed the lives of many people in my 12 years of persuading via the power of words, for my own projects and for numerous companies from all possible industries.

I used to hide too.
I hid behind my services/products, knowledge and degrees thinking this is why clients will choose me. I couldn’t be more wrong.

I’m giving you my all – nakedly honest!
I had a major personal and business collapse in 2012 and as it couldn’t go lower, damn it, it went up. Up. Up. I have risen like a phoenix.
I went from “bribing” my friends and my dad to come to my seminars in 2011 for free, … to speaking to thousands all over Slovenia and Europe, at TEDx and on May 22nd 2017 with Gary Vaynerchuk, Robert Murray, Dr Kjell A. Nordström and Dr Jonas Ridderstråle (Funky Business)Julian Treasure (multi TED talk speaker) at the SOLD OUT
BUSINESS SUMMIT in Bucharest in front of 900 people – http://www.brandminds.ro

Of course not 😉 and at the MMA I will show you how.

I love …
The weather before the storm.
My stubbornness of being the first to write “The grammar of an effective radio advertisement” as my Master thesis (Uni East London & Graz, Austria).
Road trips with my boys.
The sea.
Gin tonic.
Beautiful stationery.
Pablo Neruda.
TED talks.
The magazine “Art & Decoration”.
Xavier Naidoo song “Bitte hör nicht auf zu Träumen”
Madness’ song “How can I tell you”
because they sum up my values about life and communication.

Before I joined Lenja’s program, I had big doubts. But not about Lenja. About me.

Results after Lenja’s programme: I am overbooked with new clients. This is thanks to Lenja.
I know my business is ME, my knowledge, my approach, not Lenja. But Lenja gave us platform to be alive and visible in the overcrowded market.

Could this happen also If I didn’t attend Lenja’s program? Maybe one day but for sure not so fast and in such a great and quality way.
I think many parts of me would give up until sooner or later. And me and my business would not be as we are now.

What I love most about Lenja is that she speaks so relaxed, conversational, easy to understand. She gave us so many examples and was always open for questions and gave us specific answers in the closed Facebook group.
Side effects of Lenja’s programme: self-awareness that I am valuable. I am ME. Only me. One and only. Remarkable. Me.

Sanja Tacer  |  mentor for preschool children

   You love your life but feel you have so much more to give to people/clients (and YOURSELF)

   You care deeply about people/clients (and YOURSELF)

   You feel like a VULCANO,  you want to FLY, MOVE your business to a new frequency and you are ready now (although you are scared shitless)

   You want to be VISIBLE (be a MAGNET) only FOR THE RIGHT PEOPLE/CLIENTS – you don’t want to serves the masses, you want to serve people/clients with whom you can establish a deeper relationship, those people who “get you” just the way you are.

   You’re open-minded (going into the H2M with a white sheet of paper without prejudice and actually trying out what I tell you and not fight it)

   You are growth-oriented (a DOer baby not a THINKer) and are willing to go into action and work your a** off

   You feel it is time to write marketing texts differently. This screaming, discount-giving, robotic, cliche, sterile words written now, is not your cup of tea.

   Be vulnerable and say: “I don’t know – teach me and then actually TRY OUT what you learned”

   You’re eagerly excited to have new fresh words come out of your heart & mouth – you want different words, you want words which are heard, read, acted upon and tattoo themselves into your right people’s hearts, minds and wallets.

   It felt like “Hell yeah” reading my words so far

My wish to be part of Lenja’s program was so strong that I went completely our of my comfort zone (finance & fear) and I applied. Now I am so grateful for this step.

Lenja’s programme opened a completely new world to me. I realized that in my business communication (on my website, FB, Instagram) I can be exactly who I am! I don’t need to be someone else or to make things look perfect. Texts I write now are truly from my heart.  Before I joined the program, I was invisible most of the time – no comments, less likes, no shares, not enough sales. With Lenja my life turned around – in positive way 🙂

What I liked the most was the live virtual writing, Lenja’s aim towards our real results and also how Lenja looked after us in the closed FB group. Because of Lenja’s program my world opened up. I gave gave gave and things came back to me – multiplied. This program is worth every euro, because this is knowledge for life.

Most of people think that marketing is something terrifying, that you force people to buy, but Lenja has a way of presenting marketing in a different way so that it becomes natural and close to people and that you start to love it.

Tjaša Vodeb  |  www.myunikat.si/

ASK ME ANYTHING! Please, don’t keep it inside, don’t have monologues with yourself, don’t talk yourself out of it, before you give yourself a chance to make it happen!

I created a special FB group to be there for you to ask me subquestions about the programme and I will personally answer every question.

Click below and join the Facebook group “Q&A-Heart2Money writing workshop with Lenja Faraguna”, where I answer all your questions (in person).

Your investment?

My dear, add this value to the prices below:

all the knowledge from coaches/mentors and their online workshops and academies I payed big bucks for, you get FOR FREE

all the knowledge from books I bought, read and implemented you get for FREE

all the flights I paid for, all the hotels, all the time I invested in learning from amazing teachers in Copenhagen, Los Angeles, Austin, Texas, Barcelona, Belgrade, Ljubljana, London, Dublin, Berlin, Brussels, etc … you get FOR FREE

all the SHIT I went through and got up again – you can avoid FOR FREE

all the NOs I got when I wanted to do what I felt was true with all my heart but was all alone because I was “too fast for most people” you GET TO DO IT FOR FREE because you know you are not alone anymore

all the money & confidence I lost figuring out what works and what doesn’t… you can avoid it FOR FREE

My love, my passion, my heart and my honesty – PRICELESS


standard ticket


pay in full


standard ticket


2 rates *


special ticket*


pay in full


special ticket*


2 rates *

My dear, look to your right! If you are a womenentrepreneur, LOVE what you do and want to pay less 😉 Click. Click.
If you pay in full upfront you receive :

A BONUS: Access to the hottest new feature in creating super visibility of your brand in the crowded market, called THE BRANDABLE CHUNKS! (You will get a video workshop that I have until now shared only with 22 very special entrepreneurs! It is bloody special!)

SISTER SPECIAL TICKET? For Lenja’s tribe of VISIBLE WOMEN WORLDCHANGERS. You can join anytime here >

If you pay in full upfront you receive also:
A BONUS: Access to the hottest new feature in creating super visibility of your brand in the crowded market, called THE BRANDABLE CHUNKS! (You will get a video workshop that I have until now shared only with 22 very special entrepreneurs! It is bloody special!)

If you decide for the payment plan and pay in 2 rates, then 1 rate FOR THE STANDARD TICKET IS 277 EUR and FOR THE SPECIAL SISTER’S TICKET IT’S 222
You pay the 1st rate right away, before the start of the programme and then in 30 days the 2nd rate is deducted from your card! automatically.

Lenja and I “parked” ourselves on her couch, with notebooks and began … Brainstorming! Completely relaxed, she started discovering what I want and what I can give the world through my new idea. Little by little, both the concept of my Woustar project and its marketing strategy were getting more and more crystallised.

With her keen sense of storytelling Lenja always comes up with a solution on how to present the brand to the world in all its glory. In common stories, she discovers rough diamonds and creates added value. With the passion for marketing and invaluable experience, she is an indispensable counterpart and advisor to either individuals or businesses that wish to elevate their marketing activities and also excel in the future.

Polona Kisovec  | Director of Marketing 121, the founder of WOUSTAR, a project for kids and parents, the author of the first fairy tale about divorce: “Why the Moon Fairy and the Sun Prince don’t live together anymore?” –  https://www.woustar.si

You should know that working with Lenja is not just a cherry on a cake. Oh, no! During her coaching sessions or workshops, you often ask yourself “Why on earth did I enter this course, this is hard & challenging?” Those, however, who want to become visible (make their brand  visible) and heard worldwide, and be honest and hearty, and have no idea how to achieve that, they will accept Lenja’s challenged because they bring changes. Big changes.

Lenja forced me to leave my comfort zone by doing homework, by doing some deep thinking and a lot of writing. I faced many challenges, but as soon as the final product appeared, I was very proud. Besides the knowledge gained, Lenja also taught me not to hide behind cliché texts, such as “We offer quality service, high-quality product, and for the best price!” After finishing the course, I/we finally know WHO I am/we are, WHAT I/we do and, most importantly, WHY I/we do that. And our customers felt that too. What Lenja teaches is important and valuable but the way she delivers the lectures is what we cannot get anywhere else. Through her passion and dedication, she helps us reach our goals. That is what makes her unique as hell and the same feeling she also gives to me.”

Nina Dornik  |  Food lover. Passionate book reader. Seaside enjoyer. Chocolate taster. Yoga follower. Marketing manager at company MATJAŽ, door specialists (http://matjaz.si).

Because you sound like everyone in your industry. Or they sound like you. There is no way potential customers can differentiate you from your competition.

Because the marketing of your (personal) brand is frozen in sterile, ultra professional, narcissistic texts and you do not have a clear unique voice, story, message, and your people can not connect with you. If they can’t connect, they don’t buy! Easy!

If you do not SHOW YOURSELF and stop being ASHAMED of what you worked your ass off and now offer to the world – who else is going to do that instead of you?

The marketing god?
Your mother?
Best friend?
No my dear, YOU. And You alone.

If people do not feel you care about them or can help them get what they want, they will not care about you. They won’t even notice you. Even if you have all the expertise, diplomas, passion in the world.

Hey, hey, stop making yourself feel bad about this, you are here now. All is good. All will be good.

We have all been there. I was there. Hiding and crying because I had so much to give but no one saw me.

No, I’m lying. 6 people saw me. One of them was my dad.

And look at me now, going on stage with Gary Vaynerchuk in front of 900 people in Bucharest, in May 2017. Damn! What a ride.

And I will gladly take you on the roadtrip with me, ok?

We listened and applied Lenja’s advice for our company’s communication. And we got great results. We changed our communication with potential clients and delivered information in simple yet understanding way.
People could finally easily understand what we are offering without the phrases that everybody is saying and no one is really doing.

These are the changes after Lenja’s programme:
direct mailing open rate before Lenja’s course 17%
direct mailing open rate after Lenja’s course: 59,46%
And what is most important, we did not get just more readers, but also responses.
Crazy! People started calling us back, scheduling meetings. I love how we now know how to use right words so the clients say: “YES, please come and help us, we want to buy what you are offering”.

Thanks Lenja for all the instructions. I am spreading them throughout our company.

Mirjam Ocepek | Head of Marketing KOPA, d.d.

“Can I start, like now?”

“Yes, yes, yes… no, no, no!?!?!?!”

“Hell yeah.”

“OMG, I’ve waited for such a programme forever and now that it is here, I am scared – am I ready?”

My dear – you are a human.
Of course it is normal you feel all this tutti frutti emotions.
Fear. Excitement. Magic. Power.

But think of it like that. Of course you can learn all this on your own or hire a copywriter BUT I believe there is noone more perfect to build or upgrade your brand/your business than YOU. You understand yourself better than anyone and NO ONE went from shit to glory instead of you, noone can feel like, noone can write like you and no one can move your sexy a** in the direction of more success than you.

This is your personal invitiation by me to join the elite of WorldChangers who love making money and changing the world by showing the world the REAL, RAW, RELEVANT & HUMAN YOU.

You in?

I want you to have a WOW experience with the H2M. Heart & result wise. Yeah, sure, I might make a mistake here and there but … You have 30 days from your date of purchase to experience the H2M writing workshop and community. If it’s not for you, just email me before 30 days is up, show me you actually did the work and I’ll refund your payment in full. So buy with confidence – and trust that you are getting a first class experience at a great price.

Buy with confidence – I stand behind my programs 466%!


My dear, you are a business woman and in order for you to keep the business alive you have to sell, right? 

You want to be self-sufficient.
You and you alone want to take care of yourself and your business. I didn’t have that either. Just 5 years ago I was depending on someone else, feeling worthless, ashamed and invisible.

Because my life could not go any lower, the only way was up, right? How? By speaking up. By being heard. Seen. Watched. Followed. 

And it all started with words but this time with words I shared with the world. Words I actually posted not just kept for myself.

Was it scary? Sure.
Being openly vulnerable? Scary.
Openly screwing up? Scary.
Openly saying what you believe in? Scary. 

But not being able to take care of myself and enjoy a damn good life doing what I love and earning more money than I ever though possible? Even more scary. 

So, I took advantage of everything I learned about communication and the power of words on my own and my mentors and put it to use! And it worked magic!

And with this programme I am giving you the short cut to magic. 

It is up to you to use it. And I will support you, if you promise yourself and me, you will do the work. That is the one thing noone can do for you.

It is one thing to be inspired by me. To get all my tips and tricks for writing words which get attention and sell but it is another thing to actually try these things out.

To have the ovaries and do it differently than you have ever done it before. EVER.

Your whole body will REBEL against this new knowledge, trust me, you will hate me, curse me, fall right back into the “old ways” and it is up to you whether you will GIVE IN OR WIN!

You are the only person who can take this business to the next lever, by being you, bravely and openly, by writing Heart2Heart moneymaking words, proudly and very much easier than ever, because you will get all the tips & tricks from me.

So, a HELL YEAH? Are you in?

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